How They Work


    1. How Arc Angel Stun Canes and Big Stick Stun Devices Work.

Stun devices work by injecting an electromagnetic pulse or shock into the body’s central nervous system at a slightly different frequency than the brain. A human’s body is made up of 90% of a saline water solution that makes up the central nervous system that controls all body functions via electronic signals that are sent at certain frequencies from the brain to the muscular system to create movement. The electroshock interrupts the brains transmission of instructions throughout the body and creates a sense of stunned confusion.

In additional, all of the body’s muscle groups require energy or glucose to move and cause motion. The electronic pulse delivered by the stun device overrides the brain’s normal set of instructions and causes muscles to contract and relax rapidly with the pulsing power of electricity. This rapid process burns up all the muscle’s stored energy supplies and turns all available glucose in to lactic acid. Like a car that runs out of gas, the body movement is inhibited until its muscle’s glucose gas tanks are refilled.

The loss of brain’s electronic signals and the lack glucose to power muscles causes disorientation, loss of balance and leaves the attacker in passive and confused condition for several seconds to several minutes. This gives the user of a stun device time to move to safety and call police.

In several minutes the stunned person regains their senses, body control and can function normally without any permanent damage to the heart, brain or other internal organs, which makes the use of non-lethal force a very attractive option for people that just want to escape versus harming their attacker.

   2. How to use Arc Angel Stun Devices

These patented products are personal protection stun devices, also known as Conducted Electrical Energy Devices (CEED), Conducted Energy Device (CED, and Electronic Energy Device (EED), that use surface-to-surface contact without a projectile and without breaking the skin. All of the Arc Angel stun devices produce a high-voltage pulse that can repel or immobilize a person or animal for several minutes with no permanent damage.

    a. Arc Angel Stun Devices are easy to use

1) Insert the Safety Key into the opening on the shaft. This ‘unlocks’ it. The “key” is a pin that when inserted into the charging port makes contact that activates the electronics.

2) Press the Arming Button – a Red Light comes ON – signaling ‘Ready.’
3) Aim the tip of the cane at the center of the aggressor’s chest, arm, or leg.
4) Fire the electric jolt by simply pressing down on the Firing Button.

One Second contact will cause some pain and minor muscular contraction. Two-second contact will be felt as a strong blow to the body causing brief spasms and disorientation. Three-second contact may cause loss of balance, mental confusion, plus temporary muscle dysfunction, disabling the attacker. Avoid contact with eyes and head.

 b. Arc Angel Stun Devices are safe to use

By wearing the Safety Key Lanyard around your wrist when using the electric stun feature of the cane, you guard against anyone grabbing the Arc Angel Stun Device and turning it against you – The Safety Key pulls out of the device easily, disarming the stun feature.

c. Where to Store Arc Angel Stun Canes and Stun Gun Devices

Keep it handy and keep it dry. All Arc Angel personal protection devices can be mounted near the front door, kept near the bedside, carried in the car – providing handy and portable protection that is both humane and effective. Keep out of the reach of children.

d. How to charge Arc Angel Stun Canes and Stun Gun Devices

Even though a charge lasts about 2 months, some people like to keep their Stun Device connected to the charging device while not in use because the charger has an automatic cut-off feature, once the device is fully charged. Do check your device every month. If the discharge begins to sound weak, charge overnight to refresh.

e. Arc Angel Stun Devices offer portable protection

The Arc Angel Original Stun Devices travel with you anywhere you go, except on commercial aircraft where they must be packed in your checked luggage.

Sometimes just being seen with the Arc Angel Stun device can act a deterrent – signaling to others that you are prepared to defend yourself. Sometimes just firing an Arc Angel Stun device can interrupt a hostile encounter with the harsh crackling sound and bright electrical arc it displays when fired. The message is – Back Off!

f. Product Information

  • Aircraft grade Alcoa Aluminum,
  • Ample 1 inch shaft,
  • Powder coated, and
  • Adjustable length extends can your reach by three feet.

g. Product Availability

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